Member news

We update our members regularly about changes to our process, billing and government regulations with our Member News e-newsletter and website blog posts.

Member Survey reminder

14 May 2013

On 1 May 2013, the TIO announced that its Member Satisfaction Survey was open to all members and gave them an opportunity to provide feedback until May 31.

Member case study

14 May 2013

The TIO often sees examples of good industry practise from its members with respect to complaint handling processes.

Member Survey 2013

01 May 2013

The TIO is pleased to announce that its Member Satisfaction Survey 2013 begins today (May 1). The survey will be open to all members to provide feedback until May 31.

TIO credit reporting complaints

04 Mar 2013

The TIO has introduced an initiative for more efficient handling of complaints relating to credit reporting. Under the new initiative, TIO staff dealing with unresolved referrals will ask for some important information from consumers and members prior to any conciliation.

TIO Triage Team

04 Mar 2013

The TIO is trialling a new team to assess unresolved cases where the Consumer has returned to the TIO after being referred to a service provider.

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