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Publishing comparative complaints data

25 Sep 2013

The TIO is seeking stakeholder comments on a TIO proposal to publish its complaints data in ways that provide greater context and are more useful to stakeholders, including service providers, consumers and regulators.

New International Mobile Roaming Standard

25 Sep 2013

The ACMA issued a new International Mobile Roaming (IMR) Standard on 27 June 2013.

New first contact referral process

03 Sep 2013

From 1 October 2013, the TIO will refer consumers who have not yet contacted you about their complaint to your nominated TIO complaint referral point.

Case study - working with Industry Improvement

03 Sep 2013

Industry Improvement is an area of the TIO that works with service providers to help them resolve issues and achieve best practice. Specifically, Industry Improvement looks at issues that affect a number or class of consumers, as opposed to individual matters. Industry Improvement achieves this through systemic interventions and other activities.

Important message from the Ombudsman - TIO Budget for 2013-2014

21 Jun 2013

I recently recommended a budget for 2013-14 to the TIO’s Board and Council, and it has now been approved. I am taking this opportunity to set out, for the information of TIO Members, some of the key features of the budget.

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