TIO Triage Team

The TIO is trialling a new team to assess unresolved cases where the Consumer has returned to the TIO after being referred to a service provider.

Where a complaint cannot be immediately referred to an investigation officer, it will be queued for assessment by the Triage team. This includes cases where the consumer has recontacted the TIO by email or through our on-line form. Triage team officers contact consumers prior to a Conciliation, for reasons including to further assess:

  • whether the case has been substantially resolved, or
  • whether some additional information from the consumer or further clarification of the issues remaining in dispute may assist the speedier resolution of the case.

Improving the quality of information received by the TIO at an early stage in these cases is expected to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Conciliations.

The Triage team will also look for opportunities to ‘batch’ cases where there may be several cases awaiting conciliation with the same issues recorded against the same provider. Participating in ‘batching’ will be an opt-in that service providers can request. For more information about batching please feel free to contact Brent Carey, Dispute Resolution Manager – Process via brent.carey@tio.com.au.

For more information, email members@tio.com.au.