TIO position statements

We are pleased to release a new position statement after consulting with industry and consumer representatives. The new position statement will be effective from 18 September 2015. This is the final position statement to be released as part of the TIO's wider position statements review.

The new position statement is Infrastructure connecting a property to a telecommunications network.

In summary, the position statement outlines the law, good industry practice and our view on:
  • different technologies and methods for connecting a property to the telecommunications network
  • location of infrastructure
  • responsibilities for preparing a property for installation
  • hazardous, inconvenient or temporary infrastructure
  • carrier commitments to safety, and
  • customer cabling and finding the customer side of the boundary. 
The new position statement replaces these existing position statements:
  • Cabling beyond first socket or main distribution frame 
  • Methods of installation of new lines
  • Pre-provisioning and connection of telephone services
TIO position statements provide broad guidance on the law, good industry practice, and what the TIO may consider to be fair and reasonable in general circumstances. TIO position statements are not a full statement of the law or good industry practice. The TIO considers each matter brought to it on its own merits.