TIO funding model review

The TIO has engaged KPMG to assist us with a funding model review to ensure that our funding arrangements meet the needs of the scheme and its stakeholders. 

The review is being undertaken to make sure the TIO continues to be funded in an effective, consistent and sustainable way. 

Your input will be an important part of the review. An issues paper and online survey to seek your views about the funding model will be emailed to you by KPMG next month. 

Research into comparative organisations and analysis and assessment of options will also be undertaken. 

A report will be presented to the TIO Board in March for consideration and decision.  

The process for reviewing the funding model will be comprehensive with alternative funding models requiring careful financial modelling. If a decision is made to replace the current model the implementation would then need to be carefully planned to ensure operational continuity is maintained. 

We will ensure that our members are kept informed of the progress of this project with any decisions and timelines advised at the appropriate time during the year.