New education modules to be launched on 16 December

On 16 December 2015, we will roll out three free online modules that can be used as a resource to assist new and existing members understand the role of the TIO and its complaint handling processes. There is also general information on best practice complaint handling.  

The modules will be easy to access and can be used repeatedly as a reference by your staff. They are a useful induction module for new customer relations and complaint handling staff who deal with the TIO or for staff who deal with customer complaints more generally. 

The resources provide guidance about what to do when you receive a complaint referred by the TIO and what your obligations are as a telecommunications provider. They also provide links to useful documents, such as industry codes. 

The modules 

  • Introduction to the TIO: general information about the TIO. 
  • TIO Complaint Handling Procedures: how to understand and handle a TIO complaint from referral through to investigation.
  • Best Practice Complaint Handling: information and strategies to help you deal with customer complaints.

How to access the modules

To access the modules, you will need to register with our Industry Engagement team. You will be able to pre-register from Wednesday, 9 December, when we will send you all the instructions.