Changes to the TIO reclassification request process

Changes to the TIO reclassification request process

From Tuesday 7th July, 2015 the TIO is changing the way it receives member reclassification requests. These changes simplify the way a member can lodge a reclassification request. 

From Tuesday, 7 July 2015 we are changing the way we receive member reclassification requests. 

These changes simplify the way a member can lodge a reclassification request. The changes include:
  • new online Reclassification Request Form and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section,  
  • centralised reclassification requests handled by specialist TIO officers, and
  • an automated acknowledgement of your request. 

Online form 

The TIO thanks the members who trialled the new reclassification form in March and April 2015 and provided valuable feedback. As a result of this feedback we are now in a position to launch the new online reclassification request form. 

The form will be live and available on the Reclassification Requests landing page from 9am Tuesday, 7 July. A direct link to the online form will be sent to you in the week beginning Monday 6 July.  

A key feature of the new online Reclassification Request Form is the facility to upload documents that support your reclassification request. 


The new FAQs section is designed to assist TIO members with understanding the grounds for requesting a reclassification and the reasons for our decisions. This section will continue to  evolve as we receive feedback on how it can be more useful to you. 

Centralised reclassification requests

All reclassification requests will now come through a single channel (via the online reclassification form) and this will be handled by specialist TIO officers. This streamlined process means your reclass requests will be lodged and actioned centrally within our Dispute Resolution Division.   

Review of Complaint Handling Procedures (CHPs)

We are transitioning to a new organisational structure and as such, the CHP Reclassification Requests and Review Requests will be reviewed in light of these changes. 

During this transition, TIO staff are working hard to process reclassification requests. You may experience a delay of up to 14 working days for a level 1 referral. Longer wait times apply for level 2 conciliations and above. We appreciate your understanding during this transitional phase.

We encourage you to share your comments or questions with your TIO Industry Engagement representative. Industry Engagement can be contacted via email at