Changes to conciliation notices

The TIO is making a number of internal system improvements to simplify our conciliation processes. As a result of these changes, from mid-November, you will see new conciliation notices aimed at making our communication with you clearer.

It is important to note that the conciliation process stays the same, and our complaint handling procedures on conciliation still apply.

Conciliation notices

Conciliation notices will outline the detail of the complaint and what has happened since the TIO referred the case to a provider.

Content in body of emails

The content of most of our conciliation communications with you will be in the body of emails instead of being PDF attachments. For example, conciliation notices will now contain a summary of the complaint in the body of the email, instead of in an attached document.

New email subject lines

The subject lines of most emails will stay the same, but there will be some new emails. You may need to adjust any email filters you have in place.

One of the subject lines you are likely to receive regularly is:

TIO [case number] - Conciliation assessment

We will send this to a consumer when we assess that we will not take the matter further unless the consumer provides new information about the complaint or asks for a review of the complaint. You will receive a copy of this email, with a PDF document of our assessment of the complaint attached.

Important request: This email will tell consumers that we have asked you to stop credit management for two weeks after we close the matter, in case they have more information they would like to provide to the TIO about their complaint. Please be mindful that some consumers who may want to take that opportunity may take longer than two weeks to respond.

For more information, please contact TIO Industry Engagement via email or phone 03 8680 8424.