Change to handling of complaints arising between two and six years earlier

From 14 June 2016, we are integrating into our standard processes the small number of complaints the TIO receives about matters arising between two and six years earlier. This means we will be logging these complaints as Level 1 referrals.

In 2013 the TIO's jurisdiction was changed to exercise its discretion to deal with complaints that arose two to six years earlier. The procedure for these complaints involved obtaining detailed information from providers and consumers and assessing the information before referral. Almost all complaints were referred to the provider after the assessment and were subsequently resolved. After reviewing the complaints our view is that the procedure is not required.

The change will allow for simpler and more effective handling of these types of complaints and will reduce the effort required by service providers to respond to us about them.

Where a provider believes that the case should not have been referred as them they can ask for a reclassification. The TIO will take into account the reason the consumer delayed in lodging the complaint and the impact of the delay on the provider.

More information

If you have any questions about the new emails, please contact TIO Industry Engagement via email or on 03 8680 8424.