The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is a free and independent dispute resolution service for small business and residential consumers in Australia who have a complaint about their telephone or internet service. We do not take sides. Our goal is to settle disputes quickly in an objective and non-bureaucratic  way.

This website is designed to give you general information about who we can help and how we can help you. If we can look at your complaint we will talk you through the process in detail every step of the way. 

Complaint checklist 

Answering Yes to each of these questions means we may be able to take your complaint.  

  • Are you a residential consumer or small business?            
  • Is your complaint about your landline telephone, mobile or internet service, damage to your property or telecommunications equipment?            
  • Have you already tried to contact your service provider to solve your complaint with them?            
  • Are you the account holder or have you been authorised to deal with this matter?          
  • Is your complaint less than two years old? You may also be able to complain if your complaint is between two and six years old, and you have a good reason for not making it before.      

If you answered Yes to each of these questions or you are unsure about a particular answer contact us and we can work together to resolve your complaint or query.

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