Terms of Reference and Company Constitution

Terms of Reference 

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Terms of Reference explain the types of complaints we can handle, and how we handle them. They confirm we can handle a systemic issue with or without a complaint. They also explain our other functions and powers. 

The Terms of Reference describe the responsibilities of the Board, and specify which of the Ombudsman’s powers can be delegated to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman staff.

  1. The TIO Scheme
  2. Complaints we handle
  3. How we handle complaints
  4. Other rules about complaints
  5. Systemic issues
  6. Our other roles
  7. Managing the TIO Scheme

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Company Constitution 

The Company Constitution establishes Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Limited as a public company overseen by a Board of Directors and funded by its Members. It also enables the creation and amendment of the Terms of Reference and binds the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and its Members to the Terms of Reference.